Send Funds Globally with Africred

With Africred, over 50+ schools funded, $1M in school fees, and $1.5M in accommodation payments made on our platform for seamless remittances.

At Africred, we understand the importance of quick, reliable, and secure money transfers to your loved ones, business partners, or service providers across the globe. Whether you're sending money for personal needs, business transactions, or school fees payment, our comprehensive remittance services ensure your funds reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Africred for Your Remittance Needs?

Global Reach:

With a vast network of partners, Africred allows you to send money to virtually any country around the world.

Competitive Rates:

Enjoy low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates, ensuring more of your money reaches its intended destination.

Fast Transfers:

Our efficient transfer processes ensure that your funds are delivered quickly, often within minutes, depending on the destination.

Secure Transactions:

We prioritize your security with robust encryption and security measures, safeguarding your transactions from start to finish.

Convenient Options:

Send money through multiple channels, including online transfers, mobile apps, or in-person at one of our many locations.

Our Services


Personal Remittances

Whether you're sending money to family, paying for education, or covering healthcare expenses, Africred makes it simple and secure.

Get Foreign Funding

Business Transfers

Africred supports your business needs with reliable and fast international payments, helping you manage payroll, supplier payments, and other business expenses.


School Fees Payment

Paying school fees internationally has never been easier. Africred facilitates the direct payment of tuition and other educational expenses to schools and universities abroad, ensuring timely and hassle-free transactions.


Bill Payments

Pay utility bills, mortgages, and other obligations abroad with ease. Africred offers a convenient way to handle your international bill payments.


Mobile Wallet Transfers

Send money directly to mobile wallets, allowing recipients to access their funds instantly for purchases, bill payments, or cash withdrawals.

How It Works


Create an Account:

Sign up for an Africred account online or visit one of our branches to get started.

Choose Your Service:

Select the type of transfer you need - personal remittance, business transfer, school fees payment, bill payment, or mobile wallet transfer.

Enter Transfer Details:

Provide the recipient’s information, including their bank details or mobile wallet number, and for school fees, the institution's payment details.

Confirm and Send:

Review your transfer details, confirm the transaction, and send. You’ll receive a confirmation receipt and tracking number.

Track Your Transfer:

Use our online tracking tool to monitor the status of your transfer until it reaches the recipient.

Benefits of Using Africred

  • 24/7 Access:

    Our online platform and mobile app allow you to send money anytime, anywhere.

  • Dedicated Support:

    Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth remittance experience.

  • Multiple Payment Options:

    Pay for your transfer using bank accounts, credit/debit cards, or cash at one of our locations.

  • Transparent Fees:

    No hidden charges. You’ll always know the cost upfront before completing your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer times vary depending on the destination and method. Many transfers are completed within minutes, while others may take up to 3 business days.

You will need the recipient’s full name, address, bank details (if transferring to a bank account), mobile wallet number (if applicable), and for school fees, the institution's payment details.

Yes, there are limits based on the destination country and payment method. Please Consult us and get the limits of each country .

Use our online tracking tool with your transaction reference number to monitor the status of your transfer.

Start Sending Money Today!

Sign up for an Africred account or visit one of our branches to experience the ease and reliability of our remittance services. Trust Africred to deliver your funds quickly, securely, and at competitive rates.

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