The École de Management Appliqué (EMA) network is composed of individuals who have obtained their degrees from various programs at EMA and have become accomplished professionals in various fields. They form a solid community of people sharing the same educational background, experiences, and aspirations. This network provides a platform for school alumni to connect, share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on various projects.

For alumni, this network offers the opportunity to stay in touch with former classmates and other professionals who share similar interests, to expand their professional and personal networks, and to stay informed about the latest industry trends and opportunities. This can lead to valuable professional connections, friendships, and support, even after graduating from EMA.

For current students, the alumni network offers access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities. Through the network, students can connect with alumni working in fields of interest, gather information about the job market, and receive advice and guidance for their professional development. Alumni may also provide internship and shadowing opportunities, which can help EMA students gain valuable work experience and establish contacts in the industry.

Overall, the extensive alumni network of our university is a valuable asset that can help alumni and current students achieve their personal and professional goals. In just two decades, the global EMA alumni network has enabled the school to transition from a small institution to a powerhouse in global education, enjoying a solid reputation for academic excellence.

Founded in 2004, the School of Applied Management (EMA) is a private higher education institution located in Paris, offering multidisciplinary degree programs in Applied Management from BAC +1 to BAC +8 levels.

2023: GEDU Global Education

The School of Applied Management joins the GEDU Global Education group, and its community of 40,000 students in 12 countries around the world, as part of its international expansion.

2023: International Student Identity Card

The School of Applied Management is beginning a collaboration with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), an organization supported by UNESCO since 1968, to offer a better student experience to all its students around the world.

2022: Qualiopi certification

The School of Applied Management obtains Qualiopi certification which attests to the question of the process implemented by the establishment for its Training Actions (OF - L.36313-1 - 1°).

The “Qualiopi” brand attests to the quality of the process implemented contributing to the development of skills and allows greater clarity of the training offered to companies and users, including internationally.

2008: Recognition as a Private Higher Education Establishment

The School of Applied Management is recognized as a Private Higher Education Establishment.

2006: Promotion #1

The students of the first '06 class of the School of Applied Management received their Master's diploma (BAC +5).

2004: Foundation of the School

The School of Applied Management (EMA) was founded under the name International Private School of Comparative Law and Economics (EIPDCE).


Step #1: Application

Applications to join the EMA are to be directly submitted through the online form.

Applicants must attach the following documents to their application:

  • A valid Passport (Front and back picture)
  • Complete file of official academic documents from the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) to higher education.
  • CV in DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY format including gap justification (If Applicable)
  • Personal Statement in the following format (Why this program, Why EMA institute, Why Paris, France, and plans), etc.
  • English Proficiency or pass the interview and provide MOI (Mode of Instruction) issued by the
  • University/Institute/College of the last qualification with a recent date.
  • Clear passport-size photograph
Step #2: Admission

Admissions at the EMA are based on the applicant’s student file evaluation, and sometimes also through an interview (online or in-person) with the Admissions Office.

Admissions are granted throughout the entire year on a rolling basis. Admissions results are communicated to applicants via email within 2-3 weeks during high-recruitment seasons.


You should have received 2 emails: 1 email declaring your admission + 1 email containing a link to your 100% online Registration Form. This link expires within 2 weeks, so please make sure all your details are entered and correct, sign it, and submit it as soon as possible to secure your place at the EMA!


The number of applications the School receives varies according to the year and the season, and this admission decision is not correlated to your personal qualities. We encourage you to apply again for the next intake!

Step #3: Registration

The Registration process is finalized once the Registration Form (Step 2) has been received by the Admissions Office, along with the payment of the application fees, and the tuition fees.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the heart of Paris, France, at the EMA!

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