De Montfort University is one of the top 150 universities in UK and currently listed among the top 25 universities for high employability rates nationwide. The university was initially established in 1870 as Leicester School of Art and later granted university status in the year 1992. Currently, there are 20,000 students studying at the De Montfort University campus across 4 faculties and departments. There are nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate level programs offered at De Montfort.

International students willing to apply for admissions at De Montfort University, must have 50-60% aggregate marks for postgraduate degree and at least 65% for undergraduate degree. The cost of study at De Montfort is quite affordable for international students with tuition fee ranging from 15,250-16,840 GBP for undergraduate study and 15,750-19,800 GBP for postgraduate courses. With affordable cost of attendance, the university offers high return on investment for graduates. The average salary of De Montfort University graduates is 111,000 GBP per annum, which typically ranges between 92,000 GBP to 219,000 GBP.

De Montfort University Rankings

De Montfort has been ranked by various renowned rankings agencies both in UK and globally. Some of the recent ranks of De Montfort University are given below:

  • #109 in UK by The Complete University Guide Rankings, 2024
  • #81 in UK by U.S. News and World Report Rankings, 2024
  • #470 in Europe by U.S. News and World Report Rankings, 2024
  • #1261 in the World by U.S. News and World Report Rankings, 2024
  • #119 in Northern Europe by QS World University Rankings, 2024
  • #801-850 in the World by QS World University Rankings, 2024
  • 601-800 in the World by THE World University Rankings, 2024

De Montfort University Courses

De Mont University courses for international students include 121 undergraduate programs and 90 graduate programs. The popular areas of study at the university include business, engineering, computing, science, arts, law, humanities, and health & life. Undergraduate courses are available with delivery options in full-time, part-time, hybrid and distance learning mode. Meanwhile, the graduate programs at De Montfort can be pursued full-time along with hybrid mode in multiple delivery option altogether. 

De Montfort University Campus

De Montfort University campus is just few minutes away from the Leicester Castle and is bordered with Newark Gateway. The campus houses 38 buildings, including specific academic buildings, and residence halls.

Campus life and Facilities for Students

The De Montfort campus is home to 150 students clubs and societies, where students can engage themselves in a range of activities based on their interests. Some other facilities available for students are as follows:

  • Public engagement: Allows students to develop their skills, gain valuable experience and grow professional network either in UK or at a global level.
  • DMU Global: DMU Global offer numerous opportunities for students in the form of extracurricular activities, events, and much more. The opportunities are available for all on campus and online international students at DMU.
  • There are numerous places throughout the campus that accessible to all students including studios, laboratory, cafés, food outlet and quiet space for students.
  • Students seeking any support may reach out to the Campus Centre Building which employees 300 people including engineers, architect, project officers, cleaners, carpenters, etc. The center also offers other facilities like transportation, accommodation, catering, sustainability, and much more.

De Montfort University Admissions

The De Montfort University invites international students to apply for admissions across a range of undergraduates and graduate level programs. All international applicants must review the program requirements along with country specific requirements before applying for De Montfort University admissions. Below mentioned are basic entry requirements for international students:

Application Requirements:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Portfolio (arts and design courses)
  • Personal statement in 500 words
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Letter of reference
  • Copy of passport

Postgraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 50-60% aggregate for Indian students
  • IELTS score of 6.0-6.5
  • Work experience may be required

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Std 12th certificate with 65% aggregate in top 4 subjects for Indian students
  • IELTS score of 6.0-7.5

De Montfort University Fees

The tuition fee for majority of undergraduate courses at De Montfort is 15,750 GBP per year. Tuition fee for UG courses in engineering, computing, health sciences may go up to 16,250 per year. However, the overall tuition fees for international students generally range between 15,250-16,840 GBP per year.

Tuition fee for postgraduate courses varies for most courses. However, international students may expect to pay an annual tuition fee between 15,750-19,800 GBP.

De Montfort University Scholarships

International students are eligible for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at De Montfort. The scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students are offered based on the following criteria:

International Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • 1st and 2nd year of UG: 2,000 GBP on 50% tuition deposit and 2,500 GBP on full payment of tuition fee. Students applying after November 1, will be offered 1,000 GBP on 50% deposit and 2,000 GBP on full payment of tuition fee.
  • 3rd year of UG: 1,000 GBP on 50% tuition deposit and 1,500 GBP on full payment of tuition fee. Students applying after November 1, will be offered 1,000 GBP on full payment of tuition fee.
  • 4th year of UG: 500 GBP on 50% tuition deposit and 1,000 GBP on full payment of tuition fee.

International Postgraduate Scholarships:

International postgraduate students are offered 20% tuition fee scholarship through Postgraduate Alumni Scholarship. The scholarship is available for selected full-time and part-time taught postgraduate courses.

De Montfort University Placements

All successful graduates of De Montfort University secure jobs in top firms across the nation and globally. Being the top 25 universities in UK for employability, around 96% of the graduates are employed or pursue higher studies within 6 months after graduation. The De Montfort graduates typically earn an average salary of 111,000 GBP (1.60 Cr INR) per annum, which shows a nearly 600% ROI against the average tuition fee of 16,045 GBP (16.78 lakhs INR) per year. All successful students securing jobs through De Montfort University placements are eligible for 2 years of Post study work in UK after master’s. PhD holders can get a Post study work up to 3 years in UK.

Being one of the top 150 universities and UK, De Montfort University is worth applying to. The cost of study is quite reasonable compared to other UK universities. Moreover, the university does not ask for high academic average of additional test scores for admissions. Which means whoever meets the minimum requirements is likely to receive an admission offer.

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