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By : Africred   |   25/12/2023


What you need to know about the new British law on Nigerian immigrants and dependants

A travelog of the reformed UK Visa policy and their complexities that might shape our living conditions. The issue is not just a policy. It’s really comprehending what these changes entail for our lives. And guess what? Africred Visa services would like to ease the way for all of us so that we could have an enjoyable trip.

Firstly, a visa tweaking for health and care. By not allowing overseas care workers to bring their dependents, the government hopes to stop what they call an abuse of the system. Now, our loved ones are not only immediate family members but also spouses, children below 18 years old.

In this regard, Africred Visa services comes to our aid enabling our loved ones to travel with us through these changes.

Finally, we shall discuss the skilled workers' visa or as it is popularly referred to as a window of prospects. The old £26,000 minimum salary requirement has been refreshed and risen by a half from an amazing sum of £38,700. Africred Visa Services is not only about documents, but about comprehending how these numbers influence our objectives and aspirations.

Unfortunately, even the adored Shortage Occupation list is undergoing a remake as well. There is no more 20 percent minimum wage cut for persons in shortage occupations. Africred Visa Services becomes that needle pointing out the direction for us to follow in order to still land a job that is worth taking.

There is likewise a reformulation of family visas “a gateway to unity”. The minimum financial requirement will increase from £18,600 to £38,700. Africred Visa Services is more than about passing standards; it’s about giving new homes the necessary support for them to be thriving and fruitful.

And students, brace yourselves! Students visa are set to experience changes in future. To keep students updated, Africred vise services will be on standby for new changes coming into effect on the graduate route. Studying as if it were about designing a life after graduation.

Despite these changes in our world, Africred Visa services is the ally that would come in handy at this stage. It is beyond a mere service; it’s personal. With Africred , traveling around the world becomes one exciting adventure and not another frustrating challenge. Your journey, your visa– custom prepared for you by Africred.