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By : Africred   |   20/12/2023


Africred featured alongside flutterwave as top 7 fintech platforms changing the narrative in Africa

Here comes the becoming financial hero in Africa's wild heart where dreams are as large as the savannahs and desires stretch bigger than the Kilimanjaro mountains changing the game for a vast population. The young entrepreneur is Africred who is writing a new financial story right across the continent.

The company has been recognized as one of the top 7 fintech platforms this week together with Flutterwave courtesy of Payment lounge.

We also featured our successes in most of the major Nigerian newspapers.
Keep an eye out for our coming articles about Africred in highly regarded platforms such as Techpoint and Techcabal.
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  • Africred: Unlocking the Gates to Education Picture yourself as one of these ambitious students who aspire to a better tomorrow but find this path obstructed due to overwhelming financial difficulties. Many dreaming scholars in Africa live with this reality. Africred, a platform is changing lives and opening doors even for education.
    Concerning student loans, Africred is your buddy taking you through the maze. However, it is perceived that not every person on this planet has a rich uncle or at the end of the rainbow they find a pot of gold that can finance one’s studies. Well, it takes up a magic wand in digital form and puts it in the simplest application of SMS for the provision of scholarships. No need to drown in paperwork or get lost in bureaucratic labyrinths.
    In what ways is Africred, the protagonist of this story, a superhero? Flexible student loan programs are not hard-nosed. Its philosophy on education is that every person can have access to this and therefore no difficult barriers should be provided. Whether you’re from a busy town or a small settlement, education will no longer be considered a luxury but rather a fundamental right for everybody.
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  • The Shared Mission: Inclusion and Empowerment The strong trail in Africred is their shared goal of ensuring that everybody receives an opportunity for a financial position. Africred works towards seeing that all students have equal opportunities regardless of economic challenges, and also envisions a world where all businesses succeed even those whose size are minute in the digital economy.
    The financial hero knows that inclusion starts from innovation. Through its use of digital media, Africred renders educational content accessible for all. There is no more piloting from one pole to another; clicking here and there, and voila — straight to academic excellence.
    Africred is transforming the lives of the people of Africa through the provision of a seamless payment process. These are not just platforms, they are hopes, telling stories of empowerment, inclusion, and dreams being realized.